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There was no missing the trace of concern in his eyes.

This had happened before. Her dreams. Usually they had something to do with an upcoming adventure. Finally, he shrugged. Or facing down demons in Los Angeles? Becka took a deep breath. Okay, so he had a point. Life had become pretty incredible. He had turned around from the seat ahead of them and was grinning. Becka felt a wave of relief. Come to think of it, it was always good to see Ryan Riordan. If not because of their special friendship, then because of the gentle warmth she always felt inside when they were together. The Western Ground on the Cliff? Like one of those expensive, something-on-thesomething hotels in Beverly Hills.

Becka and Ryan both nodded in agreement.

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Z was their friend from the Internet. And yet, to this day, Scott and Becka had no idea who Z really was. Rebecca nodded. Kinda like slavery. Ryan nodded slowly. Mom and Scott crowded in close to her so they could see out the window.

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There below them lay a beautiful canyon, its cliff walls shimmering red, yellow, and purple in the sunset. Please fasten your seat belts. We should be on the ground in just a few minutes. On the ground far below the plane, an Indian brave ran through the desert. Above him, the huge canyon walls towered and rose toward the sky. Beside him, a river flowed, its power thundering and cutting into the rock and sandstone.

Swift Arrow ran because he wanted to crest the hill at the far end of the canyon in time to see the sunset.

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As he neared the top, he could see the bright yellow sun dipping behind the mountain ahead. I praise you for the beauty you have made. Far in the distance, a rumble caught his attention. He turned and looked behind him. Dark clouds were beginning to gather. A storm was brewing. Suddenly a great lightning bolt cut through the sky and then another and another. Jagged lines seemed to fill the sky, forming triangles and squares, all arranged in a swirling, concentric pattern.

Swift Arrow stared as the light from the bolts faded, his heart beginning to pound in fear. He lowered his head and began to pray. Free them from the snares of a thousand years. Help them to see beyond the old legends, the old fears, the ancient beliefs. Help them see your truth. Another burst of light startled him, and he raised his head just in time to see the remainder of its jagged tail slice through the sky.

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Of course, Scott and Ryan enjoyed every bone-jarring bounce and buck. They were busy having a great time. Red rock formations rose all around, high into the bright blue sky. To the left of the vehicle, three colossal boulders, each about three stories high, balanced on top of each other.

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To their right, a fivehundred- foot butte jutted upward, its smooth, flat top a stark contrast to its jagged sides. In the distance rose a vast range of peaks. No one can reach Starved Rock by car or truck. The driver laughed. Noon sound all right? Becka frowned.

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Ryan had spent most of the ride in silence, his attention focused on the scenery. When he had spoken, it was in a soft and reverent voice — almost as though he were inside a huge church. Granted, he seemed peaceful and relaxed. Maybe it was just jealousy. Something else was bothering her. Something was wrong. Every Christian family should have the whole set. Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological Seminary. Bill fills the need with comedy, romance, action, and riveting suspense with clear teaching.

There was an ominous clunk under the Boeing Rebecca Williams stiffened, then glanced nervously at her younger brother, Scott. He sat on her left next to the window. Becka nodded. She took a deep breath and tried to release her sweaty grip on the armrests. Not at all.

Who did Z, the mysterious adviser on the Internet, think she was, anyway? What was he doing sending her and her brother off to Louisiana to help some girl caught up in voodoo? First, there was the Ouija board incident at the Ascension Bookshop. Becka could never forget how Scott battled that group of satanists!

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They wanted revenge after Becka exposed Maxwell Hunter, the reincarnation guru. But voodoo in Louisiana? She barely knew anything about Louisiana. Becka looked forward to seeing her great-aunt once more. Becka looked to her right, where her mother rested comfortably, her eyes closed. Maybe the trip would do her some good. This trip just might give her the rest she needed. It was the same sound, only louder. Becka looked to Scott, hoping for more reassurance.