Manual The Outdoor Chums on the Lake: Lively Adventures on Wildcat Island

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We've got to put out this fire or some one will be burned to death, ordrowned. Don't let any woman jump overboard!

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Jerry and Bluff seemed to catch some of the spirit that animated theirleader. They succeeded in fastening the extinguisher to his back, eventhough their hands trembled while so doing. No sooner had this been done before Frank was off, rushing directlytoward the spot where the flames seemed to have taken hold mostfiercely. It was rather appalling, but somehow or other the sight of the braveboy, equipped for mastering the mounting flames, caused a little cheerto arise from the excited passengers.


As soon as the prepared liquid from the little apparatus began to spreadover the fire, its ardor was immediately checked. By the time Jerryrushed alongside, similarly equipped, Frank was getting the better ofthe conflagration. Hand up the buckets! Several of the male passengers, having by now partly recovered fromtheir panic, started in to assist.

Between the whole lot the water camefaster, and in less than ten minutes the fire was practically out. There had been some damage done, but nothing to seriously injure thesteamboat; and a carpenter could make repairs while the vessel wascovering a few daily runs in this balmy April weather. Captain Amos now found a chance to rush up to Frank, and shake his handvigorously.

He was a bluff chap, not much older than Frank, a very goodsteamboatman, only that he seemed apt to lose his head in a crisis,which after all, must be a grave fault. Your coming saved the boat, I believe. I'll neverforget it, I tell you. Was just about to lay hold of those fireextinguishers when your crowd forestalled me.

The Outdoor Chums on the Lake: Lively Adventures on Wildcat Island

It was a rough deal allaround. With those women shrieking, and holding on to me, begging me tosave them, a fellow might be excused for being a little slow to do theright thing. Fortune was certainly kind to Frank and his chums. At Christmas time they were given a chance to pay a visit to the Sunny South, and had some wonderful adventures on a Florida river that ran to the Gulf. After this came another opportunity for a trip, this time to the Far West, where among the mountains and valleys of that wonderful country they found occasion to call themselves the luckiest of boys.

Every one of them had a share in the exciting adventures that came their way, and it would be hard to tell which deserved the greatest credit for true manliness. There was something very queer about the conditions under which he proposed that they make this trip at his expense. The boys could not understand it at all when they started out, though anxious to accept the offer. Of course, during the progress of their cruise, the mystery began to clear up.

And now we can return once more to the present conditions surrounding Frank and his three chums, Will Milton, Jerry Wallingford and Bluff Masters. As they had been graduated a year and more previous to this time from private school, and had had one season at college, their presence at home with the advent of early winter needs explanation. A fire had occurred, and part of the college buildings were in ruins.

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As the dormitory in which the four chums lodged had been burned to the ground, they lost a good part of their clothing, besides other things. Fortunately no lives were sacrificed in the blaze. There being no suitable place at hand where their studies could be carried on until such time as hasty repairs were made, a portion of the pupils had to be sent to their homes for a month or two.

It was arranged that they keep in touch with their studies and later on extra speed might push them up to their proper standing. So it came about that they were home and wondering what they should do to pass away the weeks that must elapse before the summons back might be expected. Various projects had been suggested, although they only arrived in Centerville on the previous night; but up to the present nothing had been decided definitely.

Volume 2 of 3.


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Two Clever Rogues. The Paddle To Wildcat Island. A Strange Happening. Frank Makes a Guess. Exploring the Island. Old Enemies Appear. Guardians of the Camp. Recovering a Stolen Boat. Down the Slope. The Wild Man Develops an Appetite. Bluff Takes Chances. Playing the Game.

Why did this block occur?

Signs That Spelled Trouble. Deeper Into the Jungle. Under the Cabin Wall. Holding Bluff In. The Escape Of Jerry. The Last Straw. Holding the Fort. A New Alarm. The Rescue—Conclusion.